The Affordable Healthcare Act

So, we have heard many bad things and some of the good things about the AHCA.

So what are the real facts or what are we trying to do?

We all want everybody to have health care access.

But should this be the way to accomplish this goal?

We need to change the behavior of those who refuse to participate in preventative medicine.

How do we get the severe obesity demographic part of our population to get serious about caring for themselves to reduce the cost of caring for them-type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.?

How do we penalize bad behavior and reward good behavior?

These questions become especially important to consider when we realize the additional 30,000-40,000 people placed into an already stressed system.

Also, how do we encourage students to choose medicine as a career?

More and more students graduating from colleges and universities are medical education ROI and the difficulties in participating in the “medical system” as too onerous and financially unrewarding.

Now add to lack of tort reform.

Why would anyone want to go into medicine as a career?

Any answers?


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