Real Numbers in the Health Care Equation

I reviewed a few numbers regarding the uninsured population on which the ACA was based.

Interestingly an article written by Eric Seiber in his article published in Medical Care (March 2014, Vol. 52, Issue 3, page 202-207). The title of the article is Covering the Remaining Uninsured Children and points out the the percentage of uninsured children with immigrant parents ranged from 4% in Maine to 69% in California. The average percentage of uninsured children with immigrant parents was 42%.

The Study points our further that even with the ACA, many children living in immigrant families will remain uninsured and inelligbile for Medicaid coverage. “Undocumented immigrants present a challenge for determining Medicaid eligibility.” Although several groups of non citizens are eligible for medicaid, undocumented immigrants are not generally income eligible and even with some of the local funding in a few states, they are categorized as “unknown eligibility.”

So, why do I bring this study to your attention? It proves that much homework should have been done ahead of passing this bill.  If attention to the undocumented immigrants had been attended to prior to the bill being passed a good percentage of the uninsured could have been eliminated from the estimated final numbers. Also, if the undocumented immigrants had become citizens, in whatever manner finalized by our wonderful Congress had or will be formulated, there would be a whole new set of tax payers to assist in the financial stabilization of the health care system.

Another reference to Dr. Ben Carson’s opinion article-Uprooting Obamacare and using better ideas, he describes the need to heal the health care environment. He states that “if you cure the organism and put it back into a sick environment, you really have not accomplished very much.” I agree with the need to heal the health care environment. This is one of the reasons that I have decided to write this blog. We need to educate the voters and especially the patients covered by the health care system, which should be one and the same!

Ben has become the chairman of the Save Our Healthcare Project, organized by the American Legacy PAC. their mission is to “lead a national citizens’ effort to hold Washington accountable, re-center the health care debate around doctors and patients, and begin the process of replacing Obamacare with patient-centered reforms that will allow every American access to the best, most affordable care in the world.”  A truly noble and challenging mission. Join Ben if you wish. Can it be done?  No one knows, but we have to try to make whatever health care system that we live with in this great Country the best, workable strategically, while being sustainable financially.

I will continue to break down the problem, analyze it and formulate workable solutions.

Everyone’s assistance is welcomed and needed. The more minds engaged in this analysis and solution the better the strategy that we need to adopt.

Accompany me on our journey!

Question-Who will care for the increased population of insured patients?


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