Progress regarding Affordable Health Care

So, as we look at the “new” enrollees we see a great many of the enrollees are people who just re-enrolleed in the Medicaid system. Many of the new enrollees are also Medicaid also.

So, what does this predict for sustainability for the program?

Unless we enroll new healthy people who pay for the Cadillac plan but are healthy, so that they contribute financially, but don’t need to use the program we will see a lack of financial sustainability.

There seems to be a change of heart by some of the Conservatives and /or Republicans. They seem to realize that they cannot defeat or “defiance” the program. Instead, they seem to be willing help correct the inadequacies of the program.

So, it is time to move on and make the Affordable Health Care program function effectively in order that true health care can be delivered to the general public.

However, there has to be some method of improving basic health care through preventive care.

We need to reduce obesity, control hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease and others to really reduce costs of health care delivery.


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